About us

Production of high quality domestic products – is a clear vision of the meat processing industry Menprom, a family owned company founded in 1998. The finest meat delicacies made from top-quality chicken, beef and turkey is what makes Menprom one of the leading meat processing industries in BiH.

From the very first day of our production and up to this date, we have launched a wide selection of healthy, delicious products which we manufacture with due care, following unique recipes. Increasing demand for and interest in our products is the result of the combination of natural and traditional flavors, recognized high-quality products, our continuous investment in both new knowledge and technologies as well as the expansion and modernization of the production capacities.  Numerous medals and prizes serve as proof of what has been said so far and as a recognition of what we have built over the years. However, what makes us particularly proud is the fact that we have gained the trust of our customers and become a recognizable brand and household name in our country with the consistent quality of our products.

In response to ever-growing demand for food safety, we introduced International Standard ISO 22 000-2005 in 2007, which ensures that meat processing is conducted in orderly and premeditated manner and under supervised conditions, with the application of HACCP principles. Therefore, we are the first meat processing industry in BiH that obtained this certification.

At the end of 2008, we successfully implemented HALAL certification in the production lines. Alongside this certificate, safety and quality control of our products is performed on a daily basis in our laboratory, which is equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment available in that field. Today, Menprom represents a dynamic, contemporary company with 160 employees, mostly young, highly educated and ambitious staff members.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to win trust of our customers and consumers by providing high quality products of exquisite taste as well as to create added value through continuous product development.

Our vision is to set the standard in terms of quality and particularly innovation, to be different and to always offer something new that will satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our strategy is based on the following:


1. Partnership with customers

Customer satisfaction comes first and all our activities are conducted with the aim to follow this motto, but our goal is to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our customers by offering products of superior quality. We deliver our products that meet the customers’ needs and expectations in a timely manner and recognize customers’ demands through open communication, monitoring of customer satisfaction, and complaint analysis.

2. Employees

Along with effective training and education programs, introducing new knowledge and technologies is an additional requirement for making progress. Therefore, our strategy is based on the continuous education and training of all our employees. We support teamwork, but we also insist on the personal responsibility and initiative of each employee.

3. Relationship with suppliers

Relationship with suppliers is built on mutual interests and is based on good partnership development.

4. Satisfaction of interested parties

As Menprom develops and expands, it meets the expectations and desires of all interested parties: business partners, employees, owners, suppliers, state-run institutions, and social community institutions.

5. Responsible relationship with the community

Providing continuous support to sport, cultural and other activities in the local community as well as to the education of the youth, and assisting in solving existential problems of socially vulnerable groups are among our key priorities.


The meat processing industry Menprom has successfully participated in numerous fairs over the past years. The following are some of the prizes and awards received: